Applications for Quenk Technologies' part-time, virtual internship program are now open!

We are looking for up to 3 motivated individuals who are passionate about computer software, its architecture and how it is used to solve problems in the real-world.

By taking part in this programme you will learn:

  1. How to analyze problems and design solutions.
  2. Software Development (Business Applications)
  3. Software Development (Systems)
  4. Deploying and maintaining software applications.
  5. Document software and systems.
  6. More...

We are looking for motivated individuals adamant about careers in computing. Particularly:

  1. Systems Analysis
  2. Software Engineering (Applications)
  3. Software Engineering (Systems)

Candidates must be age 16 and up. Must own a computer and able to install whatever software is needed to function. Formal education or training in computing is not necessary and candidates should be able to leave their egos at home. :)

Honesty, discipline, and the ability to return phone calls are a must. Exposure to JavaScript, C, Java, Python will work in your favor. Candidates able to use Ubuntu or any Linux variant as their main machine will also be given preference (Mac users as well).

The internship takes place mostly online via Google Hangouts, with occasional meetings in person when necessary. During the programme, the team will design and work on real applications. Candidates will also receive basic programming and systems admin training in the world of GNU/Linux.

The programme runs from October 17th - December 8th 2019.

Candidates will join the Lead Software Engineer each week, Thursday - Friday between the hours of 13:00 and 17:00 UTC-4 as a minimum. Additional hours may be available but will be voluntary.

Is this a paid internship?

No. Sorry! The goal of the internship is to give candidates enough training so that they are eligible to work at Quenk Technologies. Employment opportunities may become available for candidates who successfully complete the programme.

The skills learned however, are useful in any environment that requires software development.

What do I need to take part?

1) You must own a computer (preferably laptop). At least 4GB of RAM and 20GB of available space as a minimum.

2) A working, audible microphone.

3) Google Account for hangouts.

3) A reliable Internet connection.

How do I sign up?

Great! Send an email with your resume attached to with subject "Internship Application". Include a link to your LinkedIn and Github profile if you have those.

Tell us about why you love computers and some of the things you hope to accomplish with them. Mention any experience you would have had in writing software, professionally, academically or as a hobby.

Deadline for submissions is 4th October 2019. Be prepared to do an online interview if required. Succesfull candidates will be contacted by October 14th.

Questions can be sent to

About Quenk Technologies

Quenk Technologies Limited is a small software engineering company based in Trinidad and Tobago. Our primary focus is on building applications for managing the information we depend on in business and our personal lives. Our mantra Business-Technology-Harmony, speaks to our aim of building software that works for its users best interests and not against them.

We are a growing startup currently operating with 1 full time staff seeking to expand operations as we take on new opportunities. Join us on our journey as we write high quality software right here in the Caribbean!